Concrete’s Volunteer Fire Department offers 24 hour fire protection to the Town of Concrete.

When its roster is full, the department consists of 25 members in three or four squads. The department has three or four captains, two assistant chiefs, and a chief. The fire department is always looking for new firefighters. If you are interested, download this firefighter application, fill it out, and return it to Town Hall.

The two trucks currently in service are Engine 2811, which is a Darley, purchased in 1989 for a price of $98,000; and Engine 2813, a 1991 Darley Pumper received from the City of Sedro-Woolley in 2010.

Fire Chief, Jaesen Meacham


There is a permanent burn ban within the town limits and the town’s Urban Growth Area. Recreational fire pits are allowed if permitted, inspected, and approved by the town fire chief. Recreational fire pits must meet the following rules:

Recreational fire pits are only allowed in the residential zone.

  1. Size: NO LARGER than 2 feet in diameter
  2. Sides: 16 inches high minimum, made of masonry block, rock, or metal
  3. Clearance from structures, buildings, fences, etc., is 25 feet
  4. 15 feet clearance MINIMUM from trees or power lines
  5. Must have a charged garden hose, a shovel, and a rake immediately on hand
  6. There must be a person 16 years or older on site and able to call 911 at all times
  7. Fire must not be left unattended or it must be extinguished
  8. Must burn only firewood or charcoal. No limbs, leaves, or the like
  9. Smoke or ash may not affect your neighbors or it MUST be extinguished immediately
  10. NO burning during burn bans
  11. NO burning if wind is 7 mph or higher
  12. There must be a cleared area around the fire of at LEAST 10 feet.

You can apply for a permit, review the requirements, and complete the Recreational Fire Pit Application here.