Yes, an annual dog license may be purchased at Town Hall.

No, but small recreational fire pits are allowed by permit, after the site is inspected by our fire chief. Call (360.853.8401) or visit Town Hall for a permit application.

Your utility bill is a combination of charges for your water and sewer service. Your water bill is $8 to $10 less than it normally would be per month, because the town sells water to Niagara Bottling Co., which helps to lower our citizens’ cost and helps the town to build its water reserve fund.

The sewer portion of your utility bill is steep because the town is paying off the debt incurred from building its state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant. The Washington State Dept. of Ecology effectively forced the town to build the plant (“You build it or we will—and then bill you”), which the town accomplished with the aid of grants and low-interest loans. The town is now paying back the loans while actively seeking relief from that debt during each legislative session.

Another note of interest: The water and sewer funds are “enterprise funds,” which means they have to be self-supporting. The state doesn’t allow enterprise funds to borrow or give money to other enterprise funds. Hence, the rates for each of those utilities directly reflect the expenses associated with each utility, including maintenance and upkeep, and, in the case of the wastewater treatment plant, loan repayment.

Town of Concrete contracts with the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office for its law enforcement needs. For emergency AND non-emergency needs, call 911 and explain your situation.

Other options:

Call the non emergency phone number: 360.428.3211

Fill out a citizen’s report here.

They have Concrete mailing addresses because that’s how the U.S. Postal Service operates. They are outside of town limits and not within the Town of Concrete jurisdiction. Here’s a Google map that shows where those town limits lie.

We sure do! Our town flag was designed by Becky Azure, who won the contest with her artistic depiction of the historic concrete silos with a snow-capped Sauk Mountain rising above them. You can buy your own town flag at Town Hall.

Sauk Transfer Station, 360.853.8810

Waste Management, 866.909.4458

Puget Sound Energy, 888.225.5773

Ziply (formerly Frontier)
Astound (formerly Wave)

It’s located in our town center, 45952 Main St. Details can be found here

Start with the Ted Anderson East County Resource Center, located at 45770A Main St., Concrete. Administered by Skagit County Community Action, the resource center can assist with numerous issues, including energy assistance, veterans programs, food access, and much more. More information can be found here.

The town offers a low-income water rate for those residents who pay a utility bill for water and sewer. For the specific requirements or to request an application, contact Town Hall here.

Concrete MarketFresh
44546 State Route 20 (in Grasmere, just east of Concrete)

Shop and Save America
45080 Fir St., Concrete

Sea Mar Concrete Medical Clinic
7438 South D Ave., Concrete

Two Rivers Dental
45860 Main St., Concrete

With almost 80 percent of the U.S. population living in urban or suburban areas, the average person is likely to encounter wildlife in their backyard or even in or around their house. Most people do not mind, and even enjoy having wildlife in their backyards; however, conflicts between wildlife and people do happen. See below for information on different wildlife within our area.


If you live in areas where bears are seen, or are causing damage to your property, use the following management strategies around your property to prevent conflicts:
– Remember – Bears are typically present because of an attractant.
– Secure your garbage either in a garage or locked shed to prevent access.
– Remove bird/suet feeders for the season.
– To report a bear sighting call 360.902.2936, option 1.
– For further education please read the following: 
-It is strongly recommended to talk with your neighbors to make sure they are following the same guidelines.
– Bear Aware – Living with Wildlife
– WDFW Visiting Bear Country Brochure
– Bear Aware Poster


WDFW Cougar Resources:
– Washington’s Cougars Brochure – Cougar Brochure
– Coexisting with Cougars – Guide for Livestock Owners
– WDFW Cougar Webpage – Cougar/Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
– WDFW Video – Hiking in Cougar Country 
– WDFW Video – Tips for Cougar encounters in Washington

Do you have a question you’d like to have answered?

Call Town Hall at 360.853.8401 or email Andrea Fitcher.