Our town staff are split into departments—or teams, as we like to call them. How can we help you?

Our two-person administration and finance team coordinates the daily business of running our town and keeping it solvent. They are the hub of all of our operations.

Mears Field at Concrete provides a runway, fuel, and hangar options for professional and amateur aviators, as well as a helipad and a Pilots Lounge.

Building Department
Town of Concrete Building Department manages all things constructive in the town, from shed installations to renovations to new construction.

Code Enforcement
If you have a code enforcement issue or questions, contact Town Hall at 360.853.8401 where our Code Enforcement Officer, Karla Massingale, will be made aware of all concerns or complaints received.

Economic Development Commission
The Town of Concrete Economic Development Commission is charged with executing the town’s Economic Development Plan. It is an advisory body to the Concrete Town Council.

Fire Department
Concrete’s Volunteer Fire Department offers 24 hour fire protection to the Town of Concrete.

Historic Preservation And Landmarks Commission
In December of 2010 the Town of Concrete Council passed Ordinance #671, adding a Historic Preservation and Landmarks Commission and Historic Preservation guidelines, which support the implementation and further the comprehensive plan of the town in relation to historic landmarks preservation.

Parks Committee
The Parks Committee assists in the management of all parks within town, to keep them in a good and usable state of repair and upkeep. It also manages volunteers as needed within the parks.

Planning Department
The Planning Department plans, organizes and coordinates all land use planning activities within the Town limits. This includes developing and implementing land use policies and regulations, and reviewing permit applications.

Planning Commission
The Town of Concrete Planning Commission is composed of five local individuals who meet on an as-needed basis to review the Town’s land use policies and regulations, and make recommendations to the Town Council.

Public Safety
The safety of our citizens is a priority for Town of Concrete.

Public Works
The Public Works Department is charged with all the general maintenance and upkeep of town lands and facilities.

Town Council And Mayor
Town of Concrete is a Mayor/Council government. Town of Concrete Mayor is Marla Reed, who has served the town in that position since November of 2022. The Town of Concrete Council is composed of five members.