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Public Safety

Fire Department: Concrete is protected by the Concrete Volunteer Fire Department.

Law Enforcement: The town of Concrete contracts with the Skagit County Sheriff for law enforcement protection.
Link to Skagit County Sheriff

Town of Concrete Seeks Funding For New Public Safety Building

Problems with current site:
- Located within a flood zone, located in the Lower Baker Dam failure inundation zone.
- Building deterioration; walls, foundation, roof - see engineer evaluations dated March of 2009 and March of 2010.
- Current building does not properly house engines of correct size; jump seats, height, width
- Current facility does not have a decontamination room.
- Current facility does not have room for training.
- The current location does not offer an option to rebuild or expand; steep slopes at the rear of the building.

Benefits of a new building:
- Proper storage for approriate engines/pumper truck
- U.S.V.W.R. water rescue boat storage
- Training facilities for many eastern Skagit County departments
- Housing for flood and natural hazard victims, Red Cross
- New proposed site is located out of the flood/inundation area
- Fire department currently consists of 21 firefighters
- Comman Center for wild-land fires, DNR
- New proposed site is approximately 2 acreas in size and is owned by the Town of Concrete and is in a more central location.
- New proposed site will allow for future expansion to possibly include housing for EMS, Law Enforcement, Town Hall and other public safety agencies.

Code Enforcement: Rich Philips is our Code Enforcement Officer. If you have a code enforcement issue or question, contact town hall at 853-8401.

WARNING to owners of unlicensed dogs or dogs at large:

CMC 6.04030: It is unlawful to keep or harbor a dog over three months of age within the town unless an animal license has been procured for the animal from the town.

CMC 6.04.140: It is unlawful for the owner, keeper, custodian or person having charge of any dog to allow such dog to run at large within the town limits.

Dog licenses are available for purchase at Town Hall for a fee of $8.00 and expire on December 31 of each year.