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Historic Preservation

In December of 2010 the Town Council of the Town of Concrete passed Ordinance #671 adding a Historic Preservation and Landmarks Commission and Historic Preservation guidelines, which will support the implementation and further the comprehensive plan of the town in relation to historic landmarks preservation.

Main Street Painting Project aims to dress up storefronts on a shoestring budget.

By Jason Miller

If you were a building owner and were given an opportunity to get your storefront painted for only the cost of the paint, would you jump at the chance?
A group of local volunteers is hoping the answer is yes for Concrete Town Center building owners. The five men—Robert McWilliams, John Boggs, Bill Sullivan, Jim Hillman, and Community Stew Director Eric Archuletta—hit on the idea and fleshed it out during an informal “Coffee Talk” meeting with Archuletta in March. Archuletta is serving as a pro bono “town liaison” for Concrete in its efforts to revitalize its town center business district.
Skagit County Commissioner Sharon Dillon also attended the meeting and suggested the county-owned food bank building as a starting point. McWilliams, who is an artist, researched an appropriate color palette for the building. The group plans to begin work in May on the food bank and two other buildings: The Washington Cafe and Bakery and the building bordering the food bank building to the east.
“Concrete is one of the only towns east of Sedro-Woolley with an intact Main Street that has changed very little since it was built,” said Archuletta. “Part of the revitalization strategy is design, which means preparing the buildings for visitors and giving the community a sense of pride in their Main Street: making it safe, walkable, and presentable.”
The volunteers will spend May power washing and doing surface preparations to prepare the buildings for paint. In June they’ll apply the base coat on those first three buildings. Their goal is to finish by July 1—in time for the July 4 parade in Concrete. Hopefully other building owners will ask to take advantage of this opportunity, they say.
The group welcomes volunteers. Anyone interested in contributing to this effort is encouraged to e-mail Archuletta or Boggs at rickna@comcast.net or jboggswash@aol.com, respectively.

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